Vinyl Decal Installation Instructions

Installing a vinyl decal is quick and easy to do.  They are durable and safe to adhere to most smooth surfaces, including glass, plastic, and painted walls.  On vehicles, apply to the outside of the window.  Do not apply in direct sunlight or in extreme heat or cold.  Do not adhere to paint that is less than 90 days cured.  By installing the decal, you are responsible for any damage due to improper handling and installation.  Vinyl decals are removable but not reusable.

IMPORTANT: Do not remove the clear film covering or solid backing paper until instructed below.

Step #1: Lay the decal flat and firmly rub the entire surface – taking care to not crease it – to ensure the image is fully adhered to the sticky clear film.  Also, thoroughly clean and dry the surface on to which the decal will be applied. 

Step #2: Hold the decal (image facing you) in the desired spot.  Then slowly pull off the backing paper (starting at the top) making sure the image stays flatly affixed to the clear film.  Keep ahold of the decal to prevent it from sticking before you want it to.  (Tip: For large decals, use masking tape along the top to keep it in place and then only peel away about half to start.) 

Step #3: Carefully press the sticky side onto the desired surface (taking care to not crease it).  Rub across the non-sticky side using long horizontal strokes, starting at the top.  As needed, continue to pull off the rest of the backing paper and firmly rub the full decal into place.

Step #4: Once the entire sticky side is applied to the surface, firmly rub over the full image.  Wait a few minutes, then slowly peel off the clear film at an angle.  If the image pulls away from the surface, repeat Step 3.  If needed, poke air bubbles with a pin; however, most will dissipate on their own within a few weeks.